Burcu Demirörs

CEO and Co-Founder at HeliCo Translation

Burcu Demirörs is the co-founder and CEO of HeliCo Translation based in Turkey. She has been a translator and simultaneous interpreter actively working in the localization industry since 2009, with languages English, German, and Turkish. Burcu studied translation and interpreting at Dokuz Eylul University and simultaneous interpretation at the master's degree program at Hacettepe University in Turkey as the first “special student”. She translated millions of words and interpreted thousands of hours. She is giving translation and various language services with her team under the titles HeliCo Translation and HeliCo Simultaneous. She is a hard-working and determined individual with a motivated and creative mindset to help her start each day positively and do whatever it takes to reach her goals in life. Burcu is also one of the best woman paragliding pilots in Turkey, which is reflected in the name of her translation company. She believes that one should have a hobby to be passionate about and only by this means, one can stay motivated for growth in business.